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The Importance of Continuity


When embarking on a journey of physical therapy, patients often have a vision of consistent, personalized care leading to optimal recovery. However, in many in-network physical therapy clinics, the reality can be quite different. Patients seeking physical therapy in Sanford, FL, or looking for physical therapy near me, are frequently shuffled from one therapist to another from appointment to appointment. This practice can hinder the formation of a strong therapeutic alliance, negatively impact treatment outcomes, and leave both patients and therapists feeling frustrated.

The therapeutic alliance between a patient and their physical therapist is a critical component of successful treatment, whether it’s for back pain relief in Sanford, knee pain treatment, sciatica help in Sanford, or arthritis treatment. This relationship is built on trust, understanding, and a deep knowledge of the patient’s unique needs and progress. When patients are bounced around from therapist to therapist, it becomes challenging to establish this essential connection. Each new therapist must spend valuable time getting up to speed on the patient’s history and current status, which can delay progress and diminish the quality of care.

Imagine being a physical therapist who is suddenly assigned to treat a patient you’ve never seen before. You have little to no background on their condition, preferences, or previous progress. This scenario is not only stressful but also undermines the therapist’s ability to provide effective, personalized care. It can be disheartening for therapists to know that they cannot offer the best possible treatment due to a lack of continuity.

For patients, the experience of expecting to see their regular therapist only to be treated by someone new can be unsettling. Whether they’re seeking sports rehabilitation, post-surgical care, manual therapy, spine health, lower back pain relief, stiff neck treatment, or natural pain relief methods, it can feel like starting over each time, with the need to re-explain their symptoms, goals, and concerns. This lack of consistency can lead to frustration and a sense that their care is not being taken seriously. Furthermore, patients who have never experienced better-quality care might assume that this disjointed approach is the industry standard, potentially giving the profession a bad name.

Research consistently shows that a strong therapeutic alliance is associated with better treatment outcomes. When patients feel heard, understood, and supported by a consistent therapist, they are more likely to adhere to their treatment plans and experience positive results. Conversely, a lack of continuity can lead to lower satisfaction, reduced adherence to treatment, and ultimately, poorer outcomes.

At New Horizons Physical Therapy, a Sanford physical therapy clinic, we understand the importance of consistent, personalized care. That’s why our patients work with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy one-on-one for a full hour through the entirety of their plan of care. This approach allows us to build strong therapeutic alliances, tailor treatments to each individual’s needs, and monitor progress closely. Our commitment to continuity ensures that our patients receive the highest quality care and the best possible outcomes.

The practice of bouncing patients from therapist to therapist in many in-network clinics can significantly hinder the quality of care and patient satisfaction. By prioritizing continuity and building strong therapeutic relationships, physical therapy can be far more effective and rewarding for both patients and therapists. At New Horizons Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing the consistent, one-on-one care that our patients deserve, ensuring they achieve their recovery goals in a supportive and stable environment.

Dr. Daniel Komforti, Physical Therapist
Dr. Daniel Komforti
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