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Time to Ditch the Crunches

It’s time to ditch the crunches! While countless exercises tout core benefits, none hold a candle to the plank’s simplicity and effectiveness. Often hailed as the core workout’s cornerstone, it’s much more than just an ab sculptor. This full-body powerhouse builds a vital bridge between core strength and shoulder health, keeping you strong and stable from head to toe. The plank’s beauty lies in its adaptability and the profound impact it has on your body’s central support system. Let’s delve into why the plank should be your go-to core exercise, exploring its benefits for both your core and shoulders.

Your core is much more than just abs. It’s a complex network of muscles, including those around your ribcage and pelvis, all working together to keep your shoulders stable and moving smoothly.

Your core isn’t just about washboard abs. A strong core acts like a stable base, supporting your spine during any movement, including those involving your shoulders. This lets your shoulder muscles work their magic without compensating for instability. This teamwork is key for everyone, from athletes to weekend warriors, to keep those shoulders pain-free and healthy.

A recent study shed light on how much our shoulders work during planks! Turns out, they’re way more active than we thought, with different plank variations firing up specific muscles.

The plank engages your entire core, not just abs. This includes the often-ignored serratus anterior, like a hidden bridge between your core and shoulders. By holding a plank, you activate this muscle, stabilizing your shoulder blades and keeping your shoulders healthy and happy.

The plank is your one-stop shop for a rock-solid core and healthy shoulders. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, the plank adapts to your level. Modify it on your knees or progress to advanced variations, it’s always a challenge.

Remember, a strong core is the foundation for everything you do. The plank builds that foundation, unlocking your body’s full potential. So ditch the excuses, grab a mat, and get planking!

Dr. Daniel Komforti, Physical Therapist
Dr. Daniel Komforti
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